As an emerging  glass artist my work seeks to push the boundaries of contemporary craft, experimenting with a range of processes and material manipulation within the discipline of kiln formed glass. Through the act of problem solving and experimenting with technically challenging pieces of work, I aim to create meaningful and fulfilling artefacts inspired by essential conceptual enquiry. 

The combination of studio practice and philosophical research for developing recent ideas has pushed me to explore the relationships we share with our physical realities and the ability of objects to evoke emotional responses from those who experience them. Through the use of kiln cast glass and found objects, my recent works have been focussed on exposing the interwoven relationship between the physical world around us and our internal minds, looking at themes of hidden narratives, memory, identity and space as an extension or reflection of oneself.


A thread of recurring themes and subject matter can be traced back through my three years as a degree student, providing a foundation for ideas to be developed and revisited over time. My work ranges in scale from smaller experimental artefacts to larger cast glass pieces to be used within an installation setting.